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Helping your dogs feel the best they can with soft tissue therapies and rehabilitation


Rehabilitation from injury or surgery 
Soft Tissue therapy
(Laser, massage & Accell therapy) 
Conditioning & Fitness 
Group Seminars
teaching basic massage. conditioning & fitness
Arthritis Treatment 
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Massage Qualitifcation Certifiate
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about winning touch K9 massage 

I am based on the North shore in Sydney and offer a mobile service throughout Sydney.  I specialize in rehabilitation from injury or surgery, soft tissue therapies (laser, massage, accell and red light), arthritis treatment, conditioning and fitness  


Dogs just love to run and play whether chasing balls, swimming or just having fun and enjoying and making the most of life.  But just like us dogs can be injured, hurt and suffer from all kind of serious injuries.  Some require surgery, some rest, this could be several weeks or more of your dog having to be completely still and/or limping around and in pain.  This has an affect on your dogs quality of life and this is how I can help you. 

Some Reviews 

Jock Junior enjoyed his massage from Sue at Oxley trial.  Sue picked up that he was a little tight in the shoulders, he certainly moved much more freely afterwards He was a very happy boy!!  
Lorraine Wood 
Totally recommend Winning Touch.  Sue treated both my boys Cee Corgi and Trey Border Terrier with expertise , professionalism and gentle care.  Cee responded well to his treatment.  Trey needed another session and was moving much better afterwards.  Think he was just wanted more attention.  
Thank you Sue - Lisa McGinn 
Leo always enjoys coming to see Sue.  I always see a difference in him after treatment.  Would highly recommend Sue and apart from anything else, she's a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to take my boy to.   -  Jess Isaacs 
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