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Reviews & Testimonials 

Our Gemma who is 7 /12 loves her agility so I knew something wasn't quite right when she didn't want to run on course at the festival. Sue had a look at Gemma on the spot, and gave Gemma a short treatment and from there we made a further appointment for full treatment the following week.  Sue was spot on with what was happening with Gemma and thankfully due to the treatment given Gemma is happy and mobile.  Sue is wonderful with our furbabies and I would not hesitate in recommending Wining Touch K9 Massage -    Suzie Emery. 
Sue came to Canberra to an agility trial.  She gave me little cocker spanile Alvin a massage.  He certainly enjoyed it almost falling asleep. We haven't tried the vibration therapy but we might next time i think my other dogs would benefit from these treatments too. Who doesn't like a good message   We highly recommend Winning Touch K9 massage. -  Anne Lewis 
Jock Junior enjoyed his massage from Sue at Oxley trial.  Sue picked up that he was a little tight in the shoulders, he certainly moved much more freely afterwards He was a very happy boy!!  
Lorraine Wood 
My old dog Connor is 13 1/2 and i have noticed a difference with rock taping, laser, cycloiod vibration therapy and massage.  He moves more freely and his back legs have stopped collapsing. He still chases a ball, swims and runs on the beach. He suffers from arthritis and back problems but a cominbation of therapies certainly helps him and keeps him active even at 14!!! -  Ruth
Finn is a busy dog he lets seniors, & children cuddle & stroke him he performs shows at the local retirement centre bringng smiles & laughs from residents . So last week he was awarded a massage with the lovely Sue from Wining touch K9 massage He loved every minute Thanks sue - Cossette Doward 
Totally recommend Winning Touch.  Sue treated both my boys Cee Corgi and Trey Border Terrier with expertise , professionalism and gentle care.  Cee responded well to his treatment.  Trey needed another session and was moving much better afterwards.  Think he was just wanted more attention.  
Thank you Sue - Lisa McGinn 
Milo loved his massage, thanks Sue - Terry Hillman 
Leo always enjoys coming to see Sue.  I always see a difference in him after treatment.  Would highly recommend Sue and apart from anything else, she's a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to take my boy to.   -  Jess Isaacs 
Thank you Sue for the care you hava given to my dogs.  Rory was probably a bit of a challenge as he had a sore back & grumbled a little but Sue was great with him.  Chelsea just enjoyed the attention & soothing feel of being massaged -  Adrianne Miles 
Sue is fantastic at recognising & treating injuries or soreness in agility dogs.  She has treated my cocker spaniel a few times & her treatments were fantastic especially after my girl did a minor injury last year.  She helped Kaia back out competing & most of all doing what she loves most running & swimming at the beach.  Highly recommend Sue for massage, laser & rehabilitation of any dog but especially sport dogs.   - Cassandra Fox 
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