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About Sue

I'm Sue and I am the owner of Winning Touch K9 Massage.  I created this business to help with my passion and love for animals and I wanted to share my passion as I wanted to help other dogs with the therapies I found to help reduce injury and help them lead a happy and healthy life.

I have always had a passion to work with dogs, which inspired me to become a vet nurse, then later on to qualify in a range of soft tissue therapies and now to fulfil my dream of rehabilitation for dogs. 

I have had dogs all my life Cocker Spaniels and have found how massage, laser, acupuncture, physiotherapy has helped them and improved their quality of life and made them happy and healthy dogs.  For the past 20 years or more I have watched, learnt and been taught basic massage, and physiotherapy exercises for my dogs to help improve my dogs fitness and help keep them healthy and injury free as much as possible or recover faster from injury.  This lead me to want to study and learn more advance techniques and methods so I could help not only my dogs with the therapies that have helped them so much but also help others with the passion I have.


This lead me to develop my business Winning Touch K9 massage so I could pass on my knowledge and passion to help your beloved furry friends.  I want to help dogs function at their optimal level whether a family pet, show or performance dog and to live a fuller, happier, healthier life.

As I have been actively involved in dog sports for the past 20 plus years.  This being agility, obedience, Rally O, and at one stage showing and they love running along the beach.  I have an understanding of the physical requirements that we place on our dogs.  I am still actively completing in agility with my dogs and have achieved many titles. 

I do rehabilitation which has always been my passion (therapeutic exercises and soft tissue therapies, Arthritis treatment and soft tissue therapies of massage ( both remedial and myofascial), laser, rock taping and accell (cycloid vibration) therapy.

I am a looking forward to expanding my knowledge and keeping up to date and learning to further develop my skills to assist our furry friends live a longer, healthier and happier life. I am currently studying to become a CCRP - Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner with the University of Tennessee  and also doing a course in Animal Neuro Myofascial Release. 


Winning Touch K9 Massage is a mobile canine therapy business based in St Ives on the North Shore of Sydney.   I am a mobile business travelling around the Sydney area.  I service the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Ryde, Hills, City areas and more.   I also travel to the Blue Mountains at least once a month and planning to go to Central Coast area monthly too.

Dogs are more relaxed and feel at ease in their own home and environment.​


Whether your dog is a pet, sporting, show dog my therapies help reduce pain & inflammation, help promote healing, improve mobility and quality of life. It simply means i help dogs live a fun, filled happier, healthier, longer  life.  I make dogs happy by making them feel great and stronger and fitter and less prone to injury. 

To find out more about the treatment and prices go to the Prices tab on this site.

We also are not legally allowed to diagnose your dog, only a vet can do that. I treat the symptoms I find and also what the vet has found. if your dog is in need of vet attention I will always refer you to see your vet. 


I am a member of the IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists)

I am currently studying 

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) - University of Tennessee 

Animal Neuro Myofascial Release - Holistic Animal Studies 

I have

Certificate in Canine Remedial Massage

Certificate in Canine Massage ( Myofascial, Acupressure & Gua Sha) 

Certificate in Rock Taping  - Canine

Advanced Certificate in Vet Nursing 3 and 4 


Fleur is my princess and my girl and is 13 in September.  She is what got me started in agility and the world of massage.  She is the craziest dog around water I have ever had.  she likes nothing better than running up and down the beaches.

Jaxon is the naughtiest dog I have ever owned, he will be 9 in May this year  and is a massage addict.  He is my agility dog who I have seen such a difference in his performance.  He just loves life in general especially food and ball, he is very ball obsessed. 

Connor is the old man and my mothers dog, he just doesn't realise that fact. he is 15 years young and still runs around. up to last year he was still doing agility and still loves to chase a ball.  With regular massage and laser he is still chasing balls and walking and running around. 

Kobie he is the newest member my puppy.  He was born in March, he is already doing puppy conditioning and fitness.  Never too young to start learning exercises suitable to puppies.  He just loves life and is so full of energy. 

in Canberra 2017 at Pooch Affair with Jaxon

With my special girl

With all 3 Connor, Jaxon & Fleur

Our Team
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