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Accell Therapy 

      Cycloid Vibration Therapy

Some Conditions Treated 

* Post Op Recovery

* Soft tissue injuries 

* Joint moblity

* Inflammation

* After workout/performance soreness

* Hip/Elbow Dysplasia 

* Stress/Anxiety

* ARthritis 

* Back pain - with vet approval 

Benefits are

* Increases the communication with the nerve and muscles which helps relax the muscles and reduce muscle spasms & maintain flexibility 

* Increases circulation which helps and assists in the healing of sprains, muscle injuries and recovery from operations.

* It can be used immediately after surgery which helps promote the healing quicker and reduce post op trauma and inflammation.

* It can reduce recovery time

* It is a gentle therapy therefore less impact on the dogs.

* it increases joint mobility which helps the elderly dogs and dogs with arthritis or with hips dysplaysia.

* helps with torn muscles and ligament damage

* Helps improve respiratory conditions.

* Reduce lactic acid build up

* enhances performance 

* Natural anti inflammatory and pain relief 

It helps especially with performance dogs before and after events/competition in treatment and reduction muscle soreness, reduction in recovery times, maintains flexibility and best of all a natural anti inflammatory.

What is Accell therapy 

It has a few advantages over canine massage it can be used post surgery by using straight away and not having to wait 2 weeks so helps with post operation recovery.  Helps with the healing of wounds (cannot be used on open wounds), bruising and contrusions. .

Every dog is different and whilst it isn't a cure it can significantly speed up healing of injuries and provides an ongoing treatment for long term conditions and helps with recovery following workouts/competitons on performance dogs.  

Treatment using the CVT device  goes for 15 minutes, and if required is included in the treatment/consultation of your dog.  CVT treatment only is available here at the clinic for $30 for a 15 minute session and a brief examination of your dog.   This service is only available to existing clients who I have seen previously and examined their dog.

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