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Rock Taping/Kinesiology taping

Rock Taping is used to assist in the treatment of injured muscles, stiffness or hep reduce pain.  It is a kinesiology tape that has a unique adhesive which is perfect for all canine sports.

Rock Tape activates the nervous and circulatory systems to initiate healing and is used in the treatment of:

Injured muscles - the tape is applied along the length of the injured muscle and as the elastic tape recoils it lifts the skin from the tissue below. 

          This has an effect of reducing the sensation of pain, promoting circulation which assists in the reduction of any swelling or bruising and enhances the blood flow to the injured muscles.

Postural Dysfunction - assists in the retraining the muscles that maintain the correct posture to help facilitate normal movement patterns

Biomechanical dysfunction - provides stability and support without restriction the range of motion

Inflammation - reduce inflammation from the affected area which then enables a faster recovery and return to normal function.   The tape is applied with a slight stretch in the tape and as the tape recoils it lifts the skin from the tissue below.

          This enhances the lymphatic flow and improves circulation to the area which assists in the repairing of damaged tissue and promoting the healing process.

Potential Benefits

* Reduces pain

* reduces the negative affect of fatigue as it improves circulation which increase the oxygen and removal of waste products

* Reduces swelling and promotes recovery.

* Allows full movement whilst still providing support and stability

* Enhances recovery and reduce soreness after exercise and events to the muscles and tendons.

Rock Taping can assist and help

* Muscle strains or tears  

* Inflammation

* Pain - leg, back, shoulder

* Rehabilitation and prevention of various  movement dysfunction

* Back - lower back pain, disease, weakness, tenderness .

* Post Surgery


To help alleviate pain we use a decompression strip.  It allows better flow of lymphatics, improves mobility and decreasing the firing of pain receptors which can be inflamed or irritated by fluid congestion  which can cause the dog to experience pain. By relieving the pressure with the decompression strip can reduce the perceived pain

      It also allows better circulation where the area is taped which in reduces swelling at the site of the sore/injured area which helps to a quicker recovery.


* Dogs with long coats will need to be clipped to get the effect and benefits of rock taping

* Coats must be clean and free from oils, lotions prior to taping.   If washing your dog be careful what shampoo you used. as the tape might not stick to your dog.

Rocktaping if required is included in the treatment plan and cost. 

Rock taping without any other treatment is from $15 and is only done at the clinic.  Dogs must have had a consultation previously where the dog and their gait is examined prior to just having Rock taping done on your dog. .

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