Helping your dogs feel the best they can

I am based on North Shore in Sydney and offer a mobile service throughout Sydney with rehabilitation from injury or surgery, soft tissue therapies  (canine massage, laser, accell - cycloid vibration therapy), arthritis treatment, rock taping, conditioning and fitness


Dogs just love to run and play whether chasing balls, swimming or just having fun and enjoying an making the most of life!! 

But just like us dogs can get injured, hurt and suffer from all kinds of serious injuries.  Some require surgery, some rest, this could be several weeks or more of your dog having to be completely still and/or limping around and in pain. This has an affect on your dogs quality of  life. 


My therapies used to help with recovery from either surgery or injury are massage, therapeutic exercises and laser they help


* reduce healing time

* alleviate pain & stimulate healing process

* restore mobility, strengthens muscles and joints

* keep the muscles and ligaments working properly 

* reduce muscular tightness and tension to improve the range of motion and prevent fruther injury 

* heal faster & reduces pain 

* speed up healing

 * manage pain 

* reduction in pain & swelling

* help your dog get back on their feet faster after surgery 


I love helping your pets live a full, fun, happy healthy life and feel the best they can using various therapies and exercises to make sore dogs feel great again and help make dogs fitter and stronger. . . These therapies help them with prevention of injuries, heal faster, recover quicker and feel healthier, better and live a fun, filled happy life. .


How i can help you 

Services  We Offer 

* Rehabilitation from injury or surgery 

* Soft Tissue therapy ( Laser, massage & Accell therapy) 

* Conditioning & Fitness 

* Rocktaping

* Arthritis Treatment 

* Group seminars available in teaching basic massage techniques, conditioning, fitness, stretching & more 

Reasons to visit us 

* Rehabilitation 

* Help prevent injuries

* Post surgery -  faster recovery 

* Faster, quicker recovery from injuries

* Soft tissue injuries 

* Poor performance

* Slowing down
* Lack of drive 

* Stiffness

* Lameness

* Gait

* Dropping bars

* Reluctance to get up

* Recovering from injury

* Elderly

* Arthritis 

* Hip or Elbow Dysplasia 

* Warm up and cool down 

* Help young dogs being handled 

* Helps relieve stress & anxiety 

* Pain relief or reduction

* Back/spinal pain or injuries

* Mobility Problems 

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Mobile 0417 275 761

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Based at St Ives, mobile around Sydney area including north shore, northern beaches, hills district and more.

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