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Xuette the samoyed

Laser Therapy 

Benefits of Laser

* Reduces pain

* Heals soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains

* Reduces inflammation

* Deep tissue acupuncture points

* Increases blood flow to damaged tissue

* Reduces inflammation

* Rejuvenates cells

* Speeds up tissue repairs

* Increases lymphatic drainage

* Rapid healing properties

* Relaxes tensed muscles

*  Safe form of pain relief without drugs 

* Increases Joint flexibility 

* Quickens the time taken for injuries to heal.

* Healing of wounds

Some conditions i treat for Laser 

* Treatment of pain & injuries 

* Post surgery 

* Chronic pain 

* Tendonitis 

* injuries 

* Ligament, tendon & muscle injuries 

* Back Pain (e.g degenerative disc) 

* Spinal injuries with  vet approval 

* Neurological Issues such as IVDD 

* Spondlyosis 

* Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

* Arthritis 

* Soft tissue injuries

* deep tissue acupressure points 

* Mobility problems 

What is Laser therapy 

Low level cold laser therapy is a form of light therapy that helps transforms cells from the damage state to a stable healthy cell by an increase in cell energy. 

 Multi Radiance Laser provides accelerated pain relief and healing.  It is safe device providing targeted pulsed laser light that stimulates cell regeneration.  It is non invasive and drug free way of providing fast and effective pain relief.  

Multi Radiance Technology (MRT) uses multiple therapeutic radiances (four healing energies) working together to provide the best biologic cellular response from skin, bones, muscles.  It has a combination of  multiple therapeutic radiances (super pulsed laser, Pulsed broadband Infrared Emitting Diodes, Pulsed red Light) is perfect for optimal pain relief and quickened healing.  

Cold laser therapy is used to relief acute and chronic pain, arthritis pain, muscle strain and other injuries in both humans and animals.  It can be helpful in reducing pain and enabling arthritic animals to be move active. By applying laser therapy to injured muscle tissue at the correct level, damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments are repaired. .   Laser therapy can speed healing by decreasing pain and inflammation and promote blood flow to the affected areas


Cold level laser treats all common injuries in dogs quickly and efficiently.


Laser treatment goes between 5 to 15 minutes depending on the nature of condition being treated.  


Laser is included in all treatments if required.  Laser is used with other forms of therapy, it compliments massage and when various treatments are used together it increases the effectiveness of treatment 


Laser as a sole treatment is used for dogs i have previously seen either here at the clinic or within a 10 km radius from St Ives. 


Laser Therapy

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