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Canine Fitness and Conditioning 

1:1 canine condition programs, groups classes and seminars. 

Are you struggling in competition, the show ring returning from injury, want your dog to get fitter or something just not right?  Its never too late to help your dog 

Keeping your dog fit for their chosen sport, whether it is agility, retrieving, flyball, lure coursing, herding, dock diving, obedience or earth dog.  All dogs who are active should be kept fit and healthy so they can successfully compete in their chosen sport. Best of all fitness and conditioning training for all dogs even non sporting dogs helps lower the risk of injuries. 

My conditioning programs helps 

* Your dog get in better shape

* Increase their strength, speed, co ordination and flexibility.

 *Improve your bond with your dog 

* Builds your dogs confidence 

* Give your dog a healthier longer life 

As each dog is unique, each program is targeted to your dogs weaknesses.  Through a tailored assessment and program your dog will get the most our of each session whether it is working on strength, flexibility, balance, proprioception or core strength or a combination your dog will get the best.  

Each program 

* Structural review & assessment 

*gets a tailored fitness program for you and your dog.

* expert guidance and follow up 

* targeted outcomes, the goals we want to reach 

Once finished your dog will have fitness skills, better core strength, greater flexibility, better balance, heightened proprioception and more body awareness.

Dogs can start at any age including puppies.  If your dog is recovering from an injury, you are better to contact me about my rehabilitation program 

Follow our journey on you tube, instagram & Facebook of my puppy Kobie and his fitness/conditioning Journey from a puppy and through his agility career and my older boy Jaxon as he recovers and gets his fitness back from his Addisons diagnosis "Jaxonaddisonsjourney

Channel content - YouTube Studio or #kobiepuppyconditioningjourney  

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