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Why come and see me!! 

My therapies used to help with recovery from either surgery or injury are massage, therapeutic exercises and laser they help


* reduce healing time

* alleviate pain & stimulate healing process

* restore mobility, strengthens muscles and joints

* keep the muscles and ligaments working properly 

* reduce muscular tightness and tension to improve the range of motion and prevent fruther injury 

* heal faster & reduces pain 

* speed up healing

 * manage pain 

* reduction in pain & swelling

* help your dog get back on their feet faster after surgery 


* Rehabilitation 

* Help prevent injuries

* Post surgery -  faster recovery 

* Faster, quicker recovery from injuries

* Soft tissue injuries 

* Poor performance

* Slowing down
* Lack of drive 

* Stiffness

* Lameness

* Gait

* Dropping bars

* Reluctance to get up

* Recovering from injury

* Elderly

* Arthritis 

* Hip or Elbow Dysplasia 

* Warm up and cool down 

* Help young dogs being handled 

* Helps relieve stress & anxiety 

* Pain relief or reduction

* Back/spinal pain or injuries

* Mobility Problems 

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