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An initial consult is $90 for up to 10 km from St Ives or $100 10 to 20 km excluding tolls and goes for between 60 to 90 minutes.  History is taken, and a thorough assessment of your dog is done, this includes a gait analysis, hands on assessment, neurological and/or orthopaedic assessment and measurements taken if required.

Pain management of either massage, laser and/or tens is include.  Therapeutic exercises are given and shown to be done at home.  These will only take about 15 minutes to do. 

Follow up consults are $80 for up to 10 km from St Ives or $90 10 to 20 km excluding tolls. They go for up to 60 minutes and include a assessment of your dog including gait, and examination. 

Therapeutic exercises are given and therapies of laser, massage or TENS if required. 

All treatments and exercises programs are tailored to your dogs requirements.  The number of sessions required will depend on the injury/surgery and how your dog responds. 

I do travel all around Sydney, please contact for more prices. 

I am a mobile business and will come to you.  Prices do vary depending upon your location, travel time and costs. 


As dogs get older they start to slow down and get stiffer as the muscles around their joints get tighter and joints can't move as freely. 

This treatment I assess the dogs and their joints.  Treatments between 45 to  60 minutes and consist of a combination of soft tissue therapies (massage & laser) and therapeutic exercises to help improve their movement.  

Prices are $70 up to 10 km from my place at St Ives and $80 for between 10 to 20 km from my place at ST Ives excluding tolls.


This is for dogs who do not have an injury or recovering from surgery. It is great for performance dogs, or dogs coming back from injuries,  to help prevent injuries by. 

Your dog is given a brief assessment and observation on gait analysis to identify any muscle deficit to find  what we need to work on. 

A program of Exercises tailored to your dog is devised to help build up core strength, flexibility, balance, proprioception & strength & help improve fitness.  I will work on any weakness we find. 

Each session goes up to  45 minutes.

Price is Initial consult $70 which goes for longer and follow up consults $60 for up to 10 km from St Ives.  $80 for initial consult and $70 for follow up for 10 to 20 km from St Ives excluding tolls.  


This is targeted specifically to help performance dogs such as agility, flyball or show dogs to help keep your dog in shape for their chosen sport.  All dogs who are active just like us humans deserve to be fit & healthy so they can compete successfully in their sport.  It helps reduce injuries, warms up muscles and relieves any tension and tightness in muscles to help them perform at their optimum level. 

It is a targeted  program of massage & laser & assessment of your dog along with a tailored program designed for your dog so they will get the most our of each session. The targeted program  will  help with your dogs strength & flexibility. 

Treatments go for about 45 minutes and prices are from $70 for up to 10 km from our clinic here at St Ives 


These treatments are $60 for up to 10 km from my place at St Ives.  $70 for 10 to 20 km not including tolls.  I do travel further but please email or call for price. 

An initial consult is up to about 75 minutes .  During this time, we talk about your dog, their history, any current complaints, changes you might have seen.  Your dog is assessed during the session, their  gait is analysed for any abnormalities/differences and to see what muscles are responsible.  A hands on assessment is made, checking the dog thoroughly to confirm the observations made in the gait analysis and to asses any further muscles irregularities or any other abnormalities.

After assessing the dog, treatment is done by either hands on massage, laser or, rock taping or, cycloid vibration therapy to bring the muscular system and body back into balance.  The treatment will depend upon what is found upon the assessment and could consist of all three methods or one method or two.  The treatment goes for at least 35 minutes depending what is needing to be done.   Stretching will usually be done at the conclusion and the final stage is a post assessment to watch their gait to see what improvement has occurred and how often treatment is required.

A follow up consult is between 45 to 60 minutes.  During this time we discuss how your dog has been going since their last treatment, a gait analysis again to see what improvements their has been and a treatment . A treatment again of either hands on massage, rock taping or cycloid therapy depending what is found upon assessment.  A post assessment to watch their gait.

Follow up consults are usually between one to two months apart unless there are problems that require weekly/fortnightly ongoing sessions.  This is mainly for early stages of rehabilitation.  Because treatment has a flowing affect many changes will occur internally during the month following treatment, so it is advisable to delay follow up by at least a month. We will discuss this at your appointment

Consult prices are for 1 dog only if you have 3 or more dogs needing treatment at once, there is a discount of 10% of the third dog


Appointments for Rock Taping only is done here at St Ives, these start from $15 depending what is involved. Consults for rock Taping only is for existing clients only.  I do require to have previously seen and assessed your dog.

Rock taping when done with a consult there is no additional charge.


Cycloid Vibration Therapy Only  is for a 15 minute treatment and includes a brief examination of your dog.  This is $30 and is for existing clients only.  I do require to have previously seen and assessed your dog. This price is only valid  here at the clinic 

$45 Up to 10 km radius from St Ives any further price is a full treatment. 


Laser only therapy is for a 15 to 25  minute treatment and includes a brief examination of your dogs.  this is $40 and for existing clients only.  I do require to have previously seen and assessed your dog.  This price is only valid for treatments here at the clinic

$40 Up to 10 km radius from St Ives any further price is a full treatment. 


This massage is for dogs that have no injury or underlying issues, It uses relaxing techniques to help reduce anxiety and stress and can include Accell treatment.,  Prices are from $50 for 30 minutes for up to 10 km from St Ives . 

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