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Sporting and Performance Dogs 


Keeping your dog fit & healthy & getting them ready & in shape for their sport 

All dogs who compete and are active deserve to be kept fit & healthy so they can successfully compete in their chosen sport. Sporting and Performance Dogs such as flyball, disc dogs,  agility or show dogs have more strain placed on their bodies than other dogs due to the intense exercise which can place great stress on their bodies.  Sometimes injuries go unnoticed until its too late or we realise there is a problem.  A dog doesn't need to be lame to be injured.

Dogs can suffer soft tissue issues, joint problems as a result of acceleration, turns, weaving, jumping, impact landing, This can injury muscles, tendons, ligaments which can result in strains and sprains. 

Massage, laser, accell therapy and exercises can help reduce and help prevent injuries from occurring and speed up recovery when injuries occur.

Soft tissue therapy helps  

* increase flexibility and elasticity of dogs muscles which helps with agility training. 

* Soft tissue imbalances from the beginning so it doesn't become a biger problem. 

* Eases tension from muscles to help prevent injury so they perform at optimumum level. 

* increases range of motion and joint mobility  to create better movement 

Exercises help

* improve a dogs fitness

* Get your dog in shape for their sport

* Increase their strength, flexibility and speed 

* Reduce risk of injury 

* Improve dogs mobility and range of motion and help improving joint mobility 

* Quicker recovery from injury 

Reasons to visit

* difficult weaving

* difficult juming

* bar knocking

* Lack of drive

* slowing down in agility

* Lame or limping after performance

* stiffness after exercises 

* Warm up or cool down after exercises

* Quicker recovery from injury

* Prevention of injury

* Maintenance 

* Improve dogs fitness, core strength 

Each session is targeted to your dogs sport and what is found on your assessment. Massage, laser & then a targeted program to work on your dogs weakness so they get the most our of each session. 



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