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Canine Remedial Massage


Canine Remedial Massage we  use a variety of massage techniques to the muscle and connective tissues. it promotes the healing of muscles fibres and connective tissues  Massage restores these functions

Is your dog

* not performing as well as they used to

* dropping bars or decreased speed in agility

* restricted movement in showing

* has arthritis

* is elderly

* recovering from injury or surgery

then massage might be for great for your furry friend.


Massage has many benefits for dogs of all ages, sizes and disciplines.

* it helps relaxes dogs, which helps especially with anxious dogs.

* it helps with rehabilitation post surgery or with injury.

* warms up muscles before sporting activities and dogs shows.

* Removal of toxin build up in muscles after sporting activities.

* increase muscle flexibility this helps  to prevent and reduce re occurring  injuries such as sprains, strains, .

* Improves range of movement and body balance.

* Improves blood circulation for healthy muscles and bones  over time and increases supply to the organs.

* Relaxes tight muscles, loosens fibrous thickenings around joints. (This helps decrease the chance of degenerative changes in the cartilage over time such as arthritis. 

* stimulates lymphatic drainage to promote healthy joints

* Allows puppies to learn to be handled and touched all over comfortably.

* Helps elderly dogs with stiff or sore joints and dogs suffering from arthritis.

* Provides pain releif and remedial care post injury. 

* Reduces muscles tension and stiffness which helps prevent muscle strain and ligament sprain. 

* Dogs have a happy healthier life. 

Relaxation and Stress Relief Massage 

Your dog doesn't need to be injured, old  or a performance dog to get a massage. This massage is perfect for all dogs .  It is a feel good treatment!!!

It is a relaxing, calming and soothing massage.  Absolutely perfect for anxious and stressed dogs.  

If you are going away on holidays and need to leave your dog behind to be either minded in the home or at kennels this is perfet for you. 

Sporting or Activity Massage 

This massage is offered at trials for agility, flyball and lure coursing. 

This can also be done as a treatment before or after a trial. at your house or in the clinic here. 

This massage is great for warming up the muscles prior to exercise or competition. 

It can also be used as a cool down for muscles after exercise or competing. 

Massaging prior to activity especially competition can decrease muscle tension and stifness. which in turn helps to reduce muscle strain and ligament sprain.  Massage increases the elasticity and suppleness of muscles, ligamnets and tendons thereby helping prevent strains, sprains and injury and helps reduce the reocurrence of existing injuries. 

There are some conditions where we cannot massage a dog.

* Extreme pain on palpation

* Abdominal Pain

* 1st and 3rd trimester of pregnancy

* Some cancer

* Heart conditions - need vet approval

* recent surgery  - within 10 days

* referred pain to back legs - need vet referral

* acute joint swelling

* Acute inflammation

* Infection

* some skin condition (ask us for more information)

* restricted spinal movement (need vet approval)

* Pain medication when treating an acute conditions

* Within 2 weeks of air or long distance road travel.

Some conditions will require a vet clearance to be able to massage the dog.

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